Urban Farm Garden Parties

Urban Farm Garden Parties provide a unique and fun opportunity for hands on learning in starting a home scaled edible garden. The host is someone who is ready to get started with their own food producing garden but would to like to share that experience with others. As a host, you invite your friends and family for a 3 hour learning session where they watch and assist in setting up your garden bed while learning the basics of organic gardening.

Each three hour party includes:

1. Information on best planting times, crops for our area, making the most of a small space, starting seeds and transplanting, companion planting, summer gardening, composting methods and soil care, pest and disease management, container gardening, irrigation methods, and a few other treats.

2. Hands on practice setting up a 8x4x12″ raised bed garden from scratch, starting seeds, and transplanting seedlings. A sampling of plants included for host.

3. Socializing and fun are also included.

Want to host your own garden party?

Plan to invite up to 15 friends/family and call us for your initial consult and scheduling. You provide the garden location along with drinks and snacks(if you choose). The fee is $300 which includes materials.